time for work and time for making bags ...

At the moment I´m working part time. The rest of the day I´m sharing with my kids, their homework and sewing! At Saturday I´m on an arts show in my hometown! So all I do is preapring and I don´t take much time for internet - please excuse me for that!

I have made some new bags. I tried a new design, a new shape.

I have some green heavy weight decor fabric which I wanted to use - but I wanted to try out the new shape first: so I made this black one, a little smaller than the original size. It has a zippered pocket and some leaves for decoration. They are some kind of loose, I like how it looks!

Then the "reading horse": bigger, but the same shape .... a plain design, because of the texture of this cool fabric!I have cut out this horse from an IKEA fabric some years ago! I just loved it and thought - well, maybe some time I need it... the text is written in Swedish, the lining fabric is according to it, but in English. That´s so great! I have bought this fabric some time ago...
The other bags are new too....

You can see I love houses! I tried some variations, played around a little bit. But - they are all some kind of green!! I made them over some weeks - but it seems i´m kind of green these days....

So now I need to make some lavender houses and some hearts and some stars ....

Oh - the German text I will do tomorrow!


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