Time for ... the final winner and for .... many colours!

Ok - same procedure, different time: the winner my hubby chose (he said the number) is:

Congratulations! I´ll contact you to receive your adress!

The last days I worked on my contribution for the EURO BLOCK BEE! I wanted a quilt with white and many colours .... but what pattern???? And how to cut the fabrics ...??

I decided to make my own block, in two variations. A combination between a strict pattern and instructions and fixed fabrics and own creativity with own fabrics....With some free space for applications... so I always know which block was made by whom!

I took a little package of my own and tried out:
Yesterday evening, on my dinner table:

Each member receives over 30 2 1/2" squares, 1 6 1/2" either in white or beige and one 2 1/2" strip either in white or beige. I would appreciate if you chose some scraps of your stash for  the little squares in the corners, but you can use the left over squares too (then you have to cut them to 1 1/2" squares). Please use a 1/4" seam. This will make a 14 1/2" block.
There is 1 rule: please use the three squares black newspaper (authentique by moda), red polka dots (wee play by moda) and yellow polka dots! The other squares you can choose - there are enough! Please send some of  the left over squares back (I´ll like to make a pieced border or binding) - thank you!
Additional I would ask you (or you do it as the first step - up to you) to add some applique on the center block! Choose the design, what you like! A house, a dog, a bird .... it would be lovely if you add some of your own fabrics...is this ok with you???????? I would love to make a very colourful quilt - and would be more colourful if there are some foreign fabrics in there ....

I´ll send the packages on Monday or Tuesday!!!!!


Time for winner ... 2

I´m a little sad ... as some of you know I had a little spring give away on my birthday:
A friend of mine chose the winner. It was "letterwoman". I contacted her twice via the blogger email function, I wrote about in flickr..... but I got no replay! That´s not what I expected ...
So - what to do????
I decided that - if I still get no answer till Sunday - I´ll choose (or one of my sons :) one out of my regularly readers! So watch out dear readers - maybe it´s YOU!!
What do you think - is thisok?????

Yesterday I made a pillow for  .... ME!!
I LOVE it ... In the middle there´s a piece of handmade art by Buket Söylemez (bukiby), she drew it for my birthday:) I decided to make something for our living room! The colours fit perfectly, especially when the sun is shining....


Time for ... ecological sewing ...

I promised a friend of mine a  new coffee bag for her birthday. I wanted to try a new design - a messenger bag instead of the shopper variationI made her last year!
But my dearest sewing machine tried to test out my temper .... ratratrat and thread oddity ... but finally I got the bag finished! I like it though, it´s not quite big, but roomy!

I made some smaller bags out of reused coffee bags too: which you can use as a cosmetic bag or for your sewing stuff or .... I sewed a piece of coffee bag plastic at the open end of the zipper to provide a nice finish at the end of it!

It seems ... I love this bug :)

Ich hatte einer Freundin eine neue Kaffee-Tasche zum Geburtstag versprochen - und wollte ein anderes Design ausprobieren... Letztes Jahr hatte ich ihr einen Shopper aus Kaffeetüten gemacht. Nun ... meine Nähmaschine hat mich heute ausgetestet - viel ratratarttrraraart, Fadelgewummsel auf der Unterseite, dazu habe ich noch falsche Nähte zugepackt ..... aber letzten Endes war sie dann doch fetig geworden! 
Sie gefällt mir sogar - nicht so groß, aber dennoch geräumig!!
Ich habe noch ein paar kleinere Kaffeetaschen genäht: die kann man als Kosmetiktasche benutzen oder für die Nähsachen oder ..... am Ende des Reißverschlusses habe ich ein Stückchen Kaffeetüte genäht, da der Abschluss dort am Ende einfach nicht schön aussah - nu isses schööön :)


Time for .... stripes!!

I wanted to sew something different ... but then I made some new makeup pouches - all in stripes: orange-white or red-white!
Some have got a little oroginal textile painting made by bukiby (look at her flickr!!), some have got cute appliques :) I think they look funny alltogether!! Two are in my dawanda-shop, two in my etsy-shop.
All are different, each single one is individual!

This one is my favourite: Jack, the little pirate!

Or this one: a nice colour combo ...powerful...

This one: kind of soft and japanese inspired:

Eigentlich wollte ich etwas anderes nähen....herausgekommen sind kleine Makeup Täschchen - alle gestreift!! Entweder rot-weiß oder orange-weiß...
Manche haben handgemalte Textilbilder von Bukiby, manche Applikationen - immer jedoch sind alte und neue Materialen vereint:) So alle zsuammen sehen sie ziemlich lustig aus ...
2 sind in meinem DaWanda-Shop, 2 in meinem Etsy-shop.


time for ... numbers ...

Yippie - today I had my 100. selling on dawanda.com!!!
It was this spring bag:
Isn´t it a georgous spring bag?? The colours are like those wonderful little snow drops! I´m still waiting to see them again between all this snow ...


time for ... winner!

Today is my birthday - yahouu! My friends came over for a little coffee and some champagne ...
Steffi got the honour to choose the winner: It´s "Letterwoman"!!!!
 Oh - okay - my husband wrote the name without having read it - so sorry for the spelling :)
She wrote:
"I love that spring means winter is finally gone! We've gotten tons and tons of snow and ice this winter. I'm ready for it to be over and for warmer weather."


The hands above belong to Buket (bukiby). She wrote a comment too and hoped to win .... and tried to influence (but without too much luck!) But she had no luck - but her paper got stuck at the ring of Steffie!! So almost ...
We all had a lovely day -sunny but cold! Thank you all so much for your comments - sun in my heart to read!!!


time for refresh snow and ice ...

I can´t believe that just a few days ago there was sun and warmth and spring flowers! But since yesterday - wiinter is back again!!! I took my give away picture right there under the bushes!!! You can´t even see one single spot of the small snowdrops anymore .....
The biggest dissappointment this week was the cancelling of the big garden and lifestyle show in Balingen! The organistor called me and told me that they had planned the show too short-termed. The bigger gardening companies need more time for planning and so they can´t keep the level they intended...Next year ... (I - of course - have bought a LOT of fabrics for this event...) Well, as long as it isn´t my work they don´t want!!
So I´ll go to the Kreativ-Markt in Pfullingen in Juli instead! It´s smaller but less stressy!

Tomorrow morning I will announce the winner of my spring and winter give away. My hubby already helped me with folding the papers with the names ....
This week was kind of pffff - not much sewing! Birthdays, doctors, homework with the kids, doing some paperwork and CLEANING my windows (which is definitly not my favourite work).
But I managed to finish this pillow:
Yes, definitly the sun is shining today (but it´s awful cold and windy!) I started with another pillow (trying paper piecing):

And today I worked on my boys quilt a little bit: I joined together some blocks for a stripe for the back. There were some blocks which were a little smaller than the others (additonal blocks from the Euro Bee).
The smaller part in the front: I decided to make a scrappy basket as I saw it here.

Diese Woche gibts kein Frühlings-Give away mehr - es muss jetzt wohl eher heißen: der Winter ist zurück! An der Stelle unter den Büschen habe ich erst letzte Woche mein Etui vor den Schneeglöckchen fotografiert! Jetzt sieht man kein einziges Blütenblatt mehr. ...
Enttäuschend war vor allem diese Woche, dass die Garten- und Life style Messe von den Organisatoren abgesagt wurde! Sie haben für die großen Gartenbaufirmen zu kurzfristig geplant, so dass diese nicht teilnehmen können und das angestrebte Niveau nicht eingehalten werden kann - schade (ich habe nämlich schon jede Menge Stoff gekauft - na ich hatte ja ein tollles Argument dafür..)  So, nun habe ich mich für den Kreativmarkt in Pfullingen angemeldet - ein kleinerer, aber wohl feiner Kunstmarkt im Juli...
Morgen wird der Gewinner/die Gewinnerein gezogen!! Mein Mann hat schon mal beim Schreiben und Falten der Lose geholfen :)