Time for .... Bee blocks

 number one:
 I finished up some bee blocks ... This wonky star is so much fun to make ... (this is Euro Bee Group - for Isabel) Each of us made a different pattern!
number 2:

This one is for Euro Bee Block Group - Leah wanted Bento Box blocks - a new pattern for me :)

number 3:
Then I decided I should have some blocks for my Euro Bee quilt  too and started two - and I still have to sew the appliques on - so sorry - still no picture:(

number 4:
Oh - and not to forget - I was VERY occupied with the Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee group. We are 20 women, each has made a journal and a sampler block - these two things go from one to the other - a circle at the end of the journey. The concept sounded to interesting that I ha it was SO hard to decide what kind of blocks I want them all to make. ...

One colour blocks, with solids and prints - this will look great - I´m sure! So each one does one block in the favourite colour and write or draw in my journal - and the send it to the next one ....

number 5:
The next thing which took much time was cutting the strips for the spiderweb block swap:

Unfolding and refolding, cutting and ironing .... my hubby has cut the strips for me - that was a big help! I have prepared the paper triangles, cut the white fabric for the middle - now I have to sew ....

That was it! No more Bees or swaps - in June I have a show coming up, the next in July, .... enough to do though!

Ich hatte die letzte Zeit wenig Lust zu schreiben (und unsere Internetver- und telefonverbindung hat immer wiedser ausgesetzt - macht sehr wenig Spass) .... habe aber einige Quilt Blöcke für verschiedene Gruppen fertiggemacht! Ich glaube, ich bin in genug Gruppen - mehr geht nicht, sonst komme ich in Verzug:)
Im Juni bin ich auf dem Rodenmarkt in Mössing, im Juli auf dem Kreativ-Markt in Pfullingen, ... ich bin - denke ich - ausreichend beschäftigt!

Yesterday I made a custom order: Christmas in May - she ordered a fabric garland! "Frohe Weihnachten" - merry christmas - it´s good to be prepared! Can you see the letter "i"?? - there´s a lovely little santa claus on it - I KNEW I can use this fabric one day - lol (I have ordered it some time ago - just because it´s so cute)

Das Bild ist leider etwas blass geworden - die Sonne fehlt!!! "Frohe Weihnachten" im Mai - eine Kundenbestellung - es ist doch gut, wenn man rechtzeitig plant:) Das "i" hat einen Weihnachtsmann als Motiv - den Stoff hatte ich vor einiger Zeit gekauft - nur weil er so süß war - tja - nun passts!!!

On Sunday I´m (we) on vacation - jipiiee - see you in June!!

Ab Sonntag sind wir in Urlaub!! Anfang Juni bin ich wieder da!

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