Time for ... new projects and an AWARD!

I have been a little bodily disordered the last weeks (first shoulder and neck and then a little opeation through my belly ... everything is fine now!) so I couldn´t sew much! At the weekend I decided to start again and finish some UFOs (still not finished....but I´m working on....) My friend Buket came yesterday and we started a team project: new pillow covers for her sister in Turkey! She has bought some red pillow covers at IKEA ... and well, they are ... just red! So they need a little make over! Pffew:
In each one there is a little bit of  Buket and little bit of me...

Ich war die letzten 2 Wochen körperlich etwas "geschädigt" (erst war ich "verklemmt" an Schulter und Nacken, dann hatte ich eine kleine BauchIO (sone Frauensache) ... aber ist nun alles wieder fein) so konnte ich nocht nähen! Am Wochenende fing ich sachte an , einige UFOs fertig zu machen (die sind aber immer noch nicht fertig...) Meine Freundin Buket kam vorbei und wir haben begeistert ein Teamprojekt gestartet: neue Kissenhüllen für ihre Schwester in der Türkei! Sie hatte rote Kissenhüllen bei IKEA gekauft ... naja- die sind halt ... einfach nur rot! Sie brauchen dringend etwas Überarbeitung: 
In jedem steckt jetzt etwas von Buket und etwas von mir...

They are not quite finished yet....

Sie sind noch nicht ganz fertig ...

Today I have got an award!!! It is called "Liebster Award" - haven´t heard before??? Me too I must admit...
It was given tome by Lisa. She is a member of my Quilting Journey Bee group.

The 'award' is for blogs with 'small' followings (less than 300) with the idea being that in order to accept the award you must pass it along to 3 fellow bloggers. Great idea!
"Liebster" is "the most loved" in English ... so I guess the origin is somewhere in german blogland???....
So now I have realised that some of the blogs I love to follow have already got the award too! 
Kaelin  has it!
Sarah has it too! Just to name 2 of wonderful blogs!

My nominations for the Award are: (envelope opening .....): given in no special order:

I adore her handstitching and the speedness she creates new adorable quilts!
This is the first quilt I saw made by Mary:
She made me wanting to learn handstitching (blame on you, Mary!) Take a look over - there are some REALLY heplfull tutes, too!

Susan: We´re in some same flickr groups (The Scrappy Mug Rug Swap e.g.). Her humour is genious and sometimes I think she has got more animals than fabric .. ok just kidding!
How cute is this???

A lovely German blog: (as the first word of the Award seems to be German): She is a team member in Bee Germany Group at flickr....
I adore her pictures and she makes adorable quilts!

So - keep on going LIEBSTER AWARD!

Ich habe heute einen Award bekommen: den Liebster Award! Der Ursprung muss irgendwo im deutschen Blogland liegen....der liebeste Blog ... er wird ausgegeben an Blogs, die weniger wie 300 Leser haben - die "kleineren" also...
Einige Blogs, die ich regelmäßig lese, haben ihn auch bekommen, einige noch nicht! Das hole ich hiermit heute nach...siehe oben!!


  1. Found you blog thru Molly Flanders - love it - added it to my reader!

  2. monika -
    thanks for the nice comments on my blog :-) i lived in bamberg for 3 years. we loved it there! we still keep in touch with our landlord & their family. as a matter of fact, this christmas we skyped with them! it was so great to see and talk with them.
    i love your work as well. especially the houses on the red pillowcase. that is such a wonderful idea!