Time for .... something new ...

I´m working at some pouches while working on my swaps (I´m waiting for my inch-ruler, to have less problems in cutting squares...) ... I wanted to try something new - I thought I´ve seen something like this - button flowers - somewhere in flickr, but couldn´t find again (to make sure not to copy) ... so these are my flowers: some machine-stitched hems, hand-embroidered leaves and mother-of-pearl-buttons on an 100-year old linen.
On the back I tried to "write" my logo. I didn´t want to use my tags all the time - something new:) So I used free-motion stitching ... hmmm - what do you think??

These are some already finished ones - patchwork plus little quilting! The button zipper pulls are still not finished on this picture ...

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  1. schöne täschchen und die gestickte schrift gefällt mir sehr gut! sowas ist ein eiertanz, was?? ich bin geradezu bange vor meinem free motion fuß..