Time ... for swapping

It´s January and I have decided that´s it´s time to do some swapping again ... I´m in swap-bot swaps to improve my cutting and exact sewing :). Well, what to say: I´n not the queen of exact cutting (as I don´t have an inch ruler...) and this exact sewing, those corners... this little tool called seam rippener ( ?? ) is actually my best friend!
This red Amish Star was a problem in itself - it was so hard to follow an easy tute! I mean it was all MY problem to see what is left and right, up and down ... but at the end - tadaa - finished and ready to go!! It´s my first block made from several blocks!

This one was easier! I used for the first time some kona cotton (what a nice fabric). I had to make a little change in the pattern, from paper piecing to pieced... well, what to say - measuring and math ... but again - after some trial and error:

The picture down there is another swap. I saw once a picture in flickr.... and kept it in mind because I wanted to make one too. In sewmamasew (look for Tiny Ticker Tape Quilt) she has made a tute!! So: it was easy and fun, but all those threads ....

And today I got my partner in DQS8 - yipiee! I already have some ideas in my head ... but first I´ll have to do some "productive" sewing - some pouches for my shop!

And in between, I have to take care of all this snow outside ...

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