Spring Give Away!!

Because spring is coming, the snow is melted, because it´s my birthday on the 8th of March, and because of all those lovely comments on my "send along" pouch for the doll quilt swap 8 I´ll give away a house pouch to someone who has written a comment here on my blog!!
 Tell me what you like about spring, close out is on my birthday at noon - 8th of March!

 Yesterday I have finished the "girls, girls, girls,..." pillow! Handpainted girls, surrounded by repurposed jeans, appliqued on a soft aqua linen, freestitched words .... a coloourful, happy accessoire on your sofa!

 Ich habe etwas zu verschenken!!! Es wird Frühling, Vögel zwitschern, der Schnee ist geschmolzen, Schneeglöckchen blühen! So viele tolle Kommentare zu meinem Mäppchen, das ich zum DQS8 gemacht habe: ich habe mir gedacht: mach noch eins und schicke es an jemanden, der hier einen Kommentar schreibt...
Also: um an das Mäppchen zu kommen, schreibe mir, was dir am Frühling gefällt! Schluss ist am 8.März, meinem Geburtstag und Weltfrauentag!


  1. What a lovely giveaway Monika :) Here's something that I like about spring: the main road out of our small town always floods in the spring, which causes me to have to drive way up and around the flood--about 15 miles out of my way. On this drive I have seen so many charming, funny, and creative ways that people have of dealing with spring floods. The best thing I ever saw was a group of kids jumping on a trampoline in the middle of their flooded yard and their father waiting for them in a rowboat a few feet away. Everyone was so happy and seemed to be having so much fun, even though their yard was under about 3 feet of water. It was super.

  2. yes yes, this is sooooo cute!
    my favorite are the lilacs/flieder, then i always really know that spring is here. i know it will still be quite a while, but that's how it is. the early signs are the birds, when they start being noisy again in the mornings!
    thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  3. love the girls pillow!

    my favorite thing about spring ... well, I'm in Florida so it isn't that much different than the other seasons but the weather is perfect, the sun shines, the seasonal flowers bloom, ... love it!

  4. great!! that puch is so lovely!!!! i love the spring because the colors, the birds songs and all the flowers bloom!
    gracias for this lovely giveaway!

  5. Spring is my favorite time of year! After a long winter with that disease, you know SAD (seasonal something something) I am totally ready for the warmer weather! I think I am already starting to smile just thinking about it!!

  6. oddly enough my secret word to enter was sadmimmi. Now that is sad lol!

  7. Happy Birthday! I love the spring flowers - tulips, daffodils, etc.

  8. What a lovely giveaway! Happy Early Birthday!!

    I live in the desert so when spring comes around, it's simply beautiful. The cacti bloom, the javelina are have their little ones, and the Palo Verde trees are full of yellow flowers. And since winters are mild here, the spring come early too.

  9. This is such a sweet giveaway Monika! It is really spring here in Vancouver already and my favourite part is the smell. It is wet, muddy and fresh - the smell of new things growing and a tender sweetness in the air. Oddly enough, I also love the smell of fall, when walking on dry leaves!

  10. That pouch is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

    My favorite thing about spring is all the birds that return to my yard/woods.



  11. You must have known I was drooling over your work! I love the warming temperatures and the cherry blossoms of spring, and the frogs starting their nighttime chorus.

  12. Such a cute little pouch! The pillow is so much fun. I love the way you create...very fun :)

  13. Very pretty.
    I like the leaf's in the spring, they are adoring <3


  14. What a fabulous little give away. I LOVE this bag - and all of your work.

  15. Monika, your work is so inspiring. The recipient of your Doll Quilt is going to be so lucky. You are lovely to give away a pouch to a reader. Spring here is still far away, we are almost heading into autumn. It is lovely with all the sunflower bloomig though.

    Happy sewing.

  16. My favorite thing about spring is the cherry blossoms and birds. Thank you for the sweet giveaway.

  17. Your little giveaway pouch is just gorgeous.

    Here in the UK, Spring is heralded by little bunches of snowdrops and crocuses pushing their way through the hard often still frozen soil, followed by buds on the trees and of course gambolling lambs!

    Happy Birthday for the 8th x

  18. happy Birthday!!!!!! YOur little pouch is so darned cute. The best part of spring around here is the chicks..chicks of all colors and fuzzinesses pipping and peeping about...by the brooders full!!!

  19. Happy Birthday!

    The house pouch is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

    As I write this, there is 10 inches of snow on the ground with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts of 50 mph. The forecast is for another 6-12 inches tonight/tomorrow. I can't wait for spring! I'm especially looking forward to the first signs of spring: nice bright forsythia in late March followed by the sounds of spring peepers (little frogs) singing at dusk in April. Makes me smile just to think about it.

  20. Something I love about spring is that my then-boyfriend who said he had no interest in gardening with me ("I'll help haul the dirt, but that's about it!") has in the last couple of years become more and more interested in gardening, to the point where he build several big sturdy raised beds and moved around 3 cubic yards of dirt by hand this spring. He is now currently dreaming of stir-fry with homegrown asparagus, broccoli, carrots, onions and shallots, with homegrown lettuce leaves on the side. I love how excited he's gotten about it, how he indulges me and my own veggie garden and my flowers, and how we're already planning the garden for next spring.

  21. I love that spring means winter is finally gone! We've gotten tons and tons of snow and ice this winter. I'm ready for it to be over and for warmer weather.

  22. What I love about Spring is that Winter is over, and I really don't like winter.

  23. I love your pouches!! So very sweet.

    I love the tulips and croci (crocuses??) that peek out first thing in Spring. Here in ottawa we take our tulips very seriously due to the queen of netherlands giving birth in Canada while in exile during second world war . . many many tulips shared from that country into ours. . .a nice reminder of international friendship!

  24. HI MonaW!
    It´s my first visit to your blog and I already LOVE IT! I will pass again for sure! =)
    For the "give-away" I can tell you that I always liked the Summer more, but I started to LOVE SPRING four years ago when I was Mother to my Little Guy D.*
    But my LOVE for Spring became BIGGER & BETTER last year, when my Little Star Princess T.* was born! =)
    I´m a Spring Mamma, so I guess I deserve your BEAUTIFUL & CUTE & MADE WITH LOVE Pouch, hun?! =)
    Luck & Love to all,

  25. What a lovely giveaway Monika :)
    what I love in the spring is to be able to go out with my little one and introduce her the birds and flowers, feeling the sun in our faces...
    I'm anxious for it
    This pouch is so beautiful ♥

  26. Many Happy Birthdays (soon!)

    Just had to join in, on such a lovely Give Away!

  27. Oh what a lovely giveaway. what i like about spring ? so many things. the smell is different, the birds chirping, the tiniest little bits of greenery sprouting from the earth, hanging your wash outside,feeling the warmth of the sun on yourface, all that makes me happy.
    and a wonderful happy birthday to you ! xoxoxo

  28. oh forgot! we share the same name :)...and i love your little houses !
    Alles gute zum Geburtstag xoxoxo

  29. Sooo liebe Moni...Im Frühling gefällen mir vieeeele Geburtstagsfeier, neue Inspirationen,Vorbereitungen für Kunstmärkte, sauber gewischte Fenster,dann ist die Freude im Garten den blühende Kirschbaum zu sehen, Katzenbaumzweige,Hyazinteen im Topf (die für viele schräcklich riechen), Joggen mit unserer Frauengruppe durch die Felder,während joggen über die Hundekaken zu hüpfen,nach dem Hüpfen irgen wo ankommen und Sekt trinken und gelassen zu Hause ankommen...und ..und...und...Drauf freue ich mich rieeesig:-)
    Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg,Inspirationen ,neue Freude und vor allem Gesundheit zu Deinem25.Geburtstag!

    Hepi börtdey tuuuu yuuuu!...
    Zum Geburtstag vieeeell Glüüüück!...
    Iyiki dogdun Moniiii....
    Tanti auguri a teeee...
    lang zal zij leven..
    cumpleanos feliz..
    Cin cin cin cin cin cin..
    Parabéns a você..