Time for new things ...

 May I introduce you - Miss Sophie and Miss Lia!

My friend Buket and I will go to a big show in May, so we need a lot of new things ... We tried these days to develop a possibility to share our abilities ... That´s what we did so far: 
Pouches, a little bigger than my other ones, with a stiffer batting, made of an very old linen and cute new designer fabrics. Sewn by monaw (me!) and the face handpainted by bukiby (that´s Buket)! I´m still improving my sewing but the first ones turned out pretty cute I think! But I´m not quite sure about the size of the pouches ... hm - I have to think about it ...  
Can you see the sweet tape with the houses made by Annax? I just adore her work :)
 I found some wonderful wool felt on dawanda. This would be lovely hair for those kids pouches ... it gives some kind of 3D impression ... And because there are not only girls, but boys too: 

Say hi to sweet little Anton:

And again I used some house tape made by Annax.

And I have finished two new brthday pillows for two newborn babys. That´s so much fun choosing fabrics for those patchwork pillows! And I have added a little handstitching to the names....

As always I tried to combine some reused fabrics  and new designer fabrics!

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  1. Hi! I've just discovered your blog and... my Gosh! you make such beautiful and inspiring things!