Time for ... new patterns ...

I have seen this lovely picture by msmcporkchop... she made a "mug rug": so cute and lovely! I always have some sopts on my table so when I had some time I took some hst which were waiting for their time ...

... not quite as cute but I like it - the shape is a little like a tiny quilt ... I´ll do some more (nice to train my machine quilting - maybe a little handquilting????)

The next project this week was some kind of adventure: Brioni (flossybossy) from  the Euro Bee Group wanted a special String X Block. This took some time in sewing and ironing ... measuring and cutting ans sewing and ironing ...
the finished block is great - what an impressing pattern!
There were some cutted triangles left over ... big enough to make something .... I made four squares, then a little white around, to create this "memory block".

And because I love recycling I reused the envelope Brioni has sent her fabrics to my house (I try to reuse almost every envelope I receive...) ... so its a "Two Way" envelope...
I used a page from an older catalogue with some great pictures from New York ... those pictures are just too lovely to throw away ... :)


  1. Love that "mug rug" - what a cute idea! Just visiting from the spiderweb swap - looks like you'll have a jump on those blocks with your experience making that String X block!

  2. Everything you make is absolutely wonderful.
    Eye candy for me. And I'm so jealous!... in a good way of course :0)