Time for .... sun and sunglasses ...

I have started to make some eyeglasse cases with some of my most favourite fabrics (oh that´s soo hard to cut into ...) The sun is shining so you may be in need of some cozy cases ... I thought.
That´s how my work space looked today:

I started one day with cutting fabric and fabric and cutting batting  ....
Starting sewing is just more fun! I have bought some high loft polyester batting to provide a good protection for the glasses - but this was a pain in the neck .... aaarrrgghh. Can you imagine the feeling of the batting in your fingers ... The next time I´ll use some cotton mix batting!!
What a lovely thing to do: turn around all of these!
I always forget how many steps I have to do... from cutting till it´s finished... not to forget ironing those small things .... watch out my fingers!!!

Almost at the end ... now I just have to close the opening in the lining ... and the fun part: choosing the buttons!
See you this week! We will have some sunshine this week so I hope I can make some nice pictures of the finished cozy glasses pouches...:

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  1. I Just love your blog. I saw your album at flickr today.
    (sorry, about the terrible english...I'm from Brazil)