Time for ... pfffffs and finishing some WIPs

had some hard time deciciding what to make for Anne for Placemat Swap 3 ... as usual ... And then at the end - time is short .... pffffff
So today I wanted to finish it - but I din´t like what I have done so far ... took some flickr time, but the result just was that I didn´t know what ti do - again! pfffff no.2
Hmmm time for sewing something in between:
Once again: a little mug rug! With a little hand embroidery this time ... My stitches need some more practise ...pffff no.3 - but it looks kind of cute...
This little project soothed my nerves a little bit - looking again at my placemat ... well I decided to like it anyway and started to quilt in in wonky lines, then added some handquilting, some little embroidery. I saw a little star stitch in a quilt book - now I have seen that I changed the stitch (I just didn´t look how to do it right) but - it looks nice - so the placemat has got some individual monaw star stitches :)
Well - can you see it??? The hexagon fever took me - lol ....

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  1. Hi there , love catching up with what you make but then i would love all the applique and stitching ;)

    Sara x