Time for winner ... 2

I´m a little sad ... as some of you know I had a little spring give away on my birthday:
A friend of mine chose the winner. It was "letterwoman". I contacted her twice via the blogger email function, I wrote about in flickr..... but I got no replay! That´s not what I expected ...
So - what to do????
I decided that - if I still get no answer till Sunday - I´ll choose (or one of my sons :) one out of my regularly readers! So watch out dear readers - maybe it´s YOU!!
What do you think - is thisok?????

Yesterday I made a pillow for  .... ME!!
I LOVE it ... In the middle there´s a piece of handmade art by Buket Söylemez (bukiby), she drew it for my birthday:) I decided to make something for our living room! The colours fit perfectly, especially when the sun is shining....


  1. hint hint wink wink wave wave --- i'm a regular!!! yeah for a second chance!!

  2. This pillow it's so cute!
    And I'm a regular too :)

  3. Ooh, I'm a regular too on my Google reader. The pillow? It's darling-I can't believe the winner never followed up!