Time for ... the final winner and for .... many colours!

Ok - same procedure, different time: the winner my hubby chose (he said the number) is:

Congratulations! I´ll contact you to receive your adress!

The last days I worked on my contribution for the EURO BLOCK BEE! I wanted a quilt with white and many colours .... but what pattern???? And how to cut the fabrics ...??

I decided to make my own block, in two variations. A combination between a strict pattern and instructions and fixed fabrics and own creativity with own fabrics....With some free space for applications... so I always know which block was made by whom!

I took a little package of my own and tried out:
Yesterday evening, on my dinner table:

Each member receives over 30 2 1/2" squares, 1 6 1/2" either in white or beige and one 2 1/2" strip either in white or beige. I would appreciate if you chose some scraps of your stash for  the little squares in the corners, but you can use the left over squares too (then you have to cut them to 1 1/2" squares). Please use a 1/4" seam. This will make a 14 1/2" block.
There is 1 rule: please use the three squares black newspaper (authentique by moda), red polka dots (wee play by moda) and yellow polka dots! The other squares you can choose - there are enough! Please send some of  the left over squares back (I´ll like to make a pieced border or binding) - thank you!
Additional I would ask you (or you do it as the first step - up to you) to add some applique on the center block! Choose the design, what you like! A house, a dog, a bird .... it would be lovely if you add some of your own fabrics...is this ok with you???????? I would love to make a very colourful quilt - and would be more colourful if there are some foreign fabrics in there ....

I´ll send the packages on Monday or Tuesday!!!!!


  1. Me a winner? How fabulous.

    You have my address as I'm in the Euro Bee!

  2. This looks fun to make. I'll enjoy doing the centre block. Do you mind what sort of applique? Raw edge with blanket stitch is my favourite but I'm happy to make it another way if you prefer.

  3. I´m happy about whatever you decide to do! I´m sure I will LOVE it! This is what I like about this idea: the differencies...