time for ... winner!

Today is my birthday - yahouu! My friends came over for a little coffee and some champagne ...
Steffi got the honour to choose the winner: It´s "Letterwoman"!!!!
 Oh - okay - my husband wrote the name without having read it - so sorry for the spelling :)
She wrote:
"I love that spring means winter is finally gone! We've gotten tons and tons of snow and ice this winter. I'm ready for it to be over and for warmer weather."


The hands above belong to Buket (bukiby). She wrote a comment too and hoped to win .... and tried to influence (but without too much luck!) But she had no luck - but her paper got stuck at the ring of Steffie!! So almost ...
We all had a lovely day -sunny but cold! Thank you all so much for your comments - sun in my heart to read!!!


  1. so ein Pech! :-(
    Ich hätte fast die Tasche gekriegt...Na ja..ich werde ja Trostgeschenk bekommen in Kissenform;-)

  2. happy birthday, i hope you have a great day and got spoiled!!

  3. I am behind on my blog reading! Happy Birthday Monika!!!!!!